New response


I have MWR tomorrow and need to break in the the pads that I put in my avalanche today,there’s just to much friction.What would be the fastest way to break them in?


Gyroscopic flop all day?

I heard that helps.


i think thats what you’re supposed to do if the bearings acting up,not the response.


Actually, I think that’s to break in silicone. Not sure if it works with pads though.


It works for pads. Pads are a form of silicone.

It rubs against the response wearing them down.


Just play them ALOT. Play until you goto bed and when you wake up. Are they aqua or white? White usually break in faster than the aqua in my experience. Good luck!


Rub them on your pants or belt.


Are you competing? If so, I guess just playing it with some really rough string would probably get the job done.

If you’re not competing, I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

(kclejeune) #9

Do a lot of horizontal with A NEW string. It breaks stuff in fast.


I thought gyro flop was to break in a bearing?
Just play with it a lot, and try rubbing it against a very lightly abrasive material, like denim jeans.


You know, I never really understood the whole “Do gyroscopic flops to break in response” idea. Isn’t the whole point of gyro flops to not touch the response system?

Seems like doing a triple on trapeze and holding it would be the best way to break in response quickly.


If yyf has your pad size, get the red pads since they break in easier.