New Personal Record, just wanted to share


Just hit 110 forward passes with my fireball without resetting. New personal best. My last was 80!

Achievement unlocked 8)


Are you meaning looping or catching and throwing and repeating? Good job anyway!


I was gonna make a record for how many Eli Hops I could do. So far my best is about 5 in a row…

And, nice :slight_smile:


To clarify, I mean looping. Forward pass + bringing the yo yo behind your throw hand and shooting it out again. I did it 110 times.

And thanks guys. I’m proud of my dorky little self


You throw, so you’re not dorky :stuck_out_tongue:


only 5, i can do at least 40. keep working and good job on looping!


I learned it yesterday, haha. I’m proud of myself for at least landing that many


Cool good job


Good job!


Didnt that mnake your finger hurt?


Same question. When I first started I had a looping yo-yo and I could barely play with it because of the forward passes, and the yo-yo kept smashing into the palm of my hand


You should be. Any sort of personal record is a good accomplishment.

I got the double or nothing from trapeze 5 times in a row. Not nearly as impressive as 110 loops though.


I’ve built up a very thick callous on my throw hand middle finger. I think I could probably stab it at this point and call it a minor inconvenience.

Just like everything else, all it took was practice… plus the fireball pretty light.


Ahhh, memories. I remember just 2 years ago I used to count myself like you did. 110 is not bad. Keep it up!


I can do about 10 with a yomega SB 2 or something like that but it went unresponsive so I’m done with looping for now. And I can do 2-3 Eli hops normally and my record is 6


my latest was about 563


Eli Hops… Some days I can consistently do 60+ on a throw, other days I struggle to land 4-5 in a row.