Current world record in Eli Hops?

does anyone know current world record in Eli Hops?

As far as I know, Mickey holds the record with 71 hops in 30 seconds.


I mean normal record, not that 30 seconds one. Last year it was held by Colin Leland with 159, but I heard there is new record.

I heard, the guy in the yyf superwide holds the record.

I think superwides are cheating.

I don’t.

It was allowed. It counts.

By this logic the BTH is considered cheating as well. I don’t agree with you…

My apartment record is 4 lol

It was kind of a joke. My record is only 4 as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got you both beat.

10 Eli Hops.

However: 1 time. No camera, no witnesses. I have been unable to repeat this.

Hmmmm… Now I’m gonna practice until I have that beat.

13 witnessed by graeme stellar himself.

7 ;D

Just got 27 first try
34 second try

in how many seconds?

My record is 12.

By: Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D. – AYYA Records Committee Chairman

Sadly, I believe the AYYA has closed up shop. NYYL has taken over but is still in the process of updating their websites.

Many. Many seconds. An embarrassingly high number of seconds. Most likely more seconds than hops!

41 on my Puffin…I’ll try on a more stable yoyo later…
53 on Avalanche
How shiitake mushrooms I just got 130 on my IronyJP!!! I love that yoyo…
But I didn’t do hands must touch…just half the string… Oh well…
Got 63 Eli Hops on my JP with hands touching…
68 full, hands touching, Eli Hops on my Burnside.
And now I have a really sore shoulder.
And a sore finger.


Are we really posting OUR records? Eh,… What the heck, mine is 31 in 30 seconds(brother witness, but he doesn’t care) 65 in 1 minute(cousin witness but he beat me by 3 more hops) and if I speed up 125 in a bit over a minute (depends, if my string doesn’t snap, that’s the main reason why I can’t get more).