New metal throw

I’m looking at a new throw

I like undersized yoyo’s I want a full metal, which is stable as possible but also it really light and quick as well. I currently have a DV888 and an Atmosphere. basically I love how quick the atmosphere is but it spins out really easily unlike the DV888 but the DV888 is really slow. what has a good mix between the two

I was thinking either:


I really wish I had a chance to try some new yoyo’s but I don’t know of any places that would carry yoyo’s like this lol

Really it depends on if you want hubstackes, if not the I would go for the campfire because it’s small and metal. If you want hubstackes then the 888x it is rounded and has stacks and is still quite small. Then the boss I wouldn’t get that because I think it is to much like your dv888. Just to let you know I may be wrong! Lol :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!!!

yeah plus the Campfire is cheapest annnnd I kinda wanna try another company. I just need to get the money now. has anyone thrown a campfire? if so how does it throw?

BTW i’m not limiting to those three yoyos, if there is another one that someone wants to suggest that sounds like something I would like go ahead and post it please!


yeah there are so many options out there idk how i’m going to decide XD

I’ve got a brown M1 you might be able to talk me out of, ::), I’ve played a campfire, and they are similar in play, but, the M1 tends to be more stable IMO, just my two cents.

have you thrown a DV888? if so how does the campfire compare to that?

the 2010 version of the 888 is the best!
it is beast at grinds!
i would prefer it more than the other ones

Small Bearing Lunatic.


Think of your preferences. I would get a Boss according to that list of stuff. So there is a good answer.

Why a Small bearing?

No reason, I just like it better. Large bearing is great to if you’d rather a large bearing.

I looked into the Lunatic looks pretty cool, does it play like it says?

I had a small bearing tactic, and it played faster than my sb Dv888. I would read some reviews of yoyos in your price range and organize what you want in them.

Why does it have to be metal?

Either way, I’ll suggest the Werrd Pacquio (sp). It’s not officially out quite yet, but there are some floating around. That thing is so light and so fast. It weighs in at 59 grams if I remember correctly. Or was it 49? I can’t remember for sure.

Well I like the look and feel of metal better, I know it really doesn’t matter

I feel like whatever I get will probably make me happy lol

Please don’t double post. Thanks.

Good luck on your pick then!