New Kendama or New yoyo, or worth money for both

So i got an xodus 2, had for a while, originally for 4a but i don’t have enough space. I can’t do the really advanced tricks due to the short spin time and small bearing. I lube it and is is unresponsive but it is annoying me cause it feels not nice in my hand.

I also wanted to get a kendama so i have a4.5 inch pocket because i wanted something to carry around easily. It getting hard to do the cool tricks and it is unpractical. when i use a normal size one it feels so big and heavy and i want that.

My budget is $10 - $30 dollars for kendama or yoyo

please help, i will post this in kendama and yoyo sections idk if that is against rules

If you want a good kendama go for a a TK-16 or an Ozora, i have a green tk-16 and a white sticky Ozora. the tk-16 plays great, but now that i’m getting into trick like lighthouses the sticky white ozora is mainly what i use. both of them are very durable, i got them in February and they both have one big chip in the paint, but thats why arial tricks on gravel are not a good idea. the ozora is starting to chip a little around the hole also, but honestly the more dented and chipped it gets the easier it gets, it gives the tama more tack. the tk-16 was 22 and the ozora was 30 on kendamausa. unfortunately yoxpert doesnt sell ozora or tk-16 kendamas.

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