Best Kendama

Hey, i was just wondering what brand you thought was the greatest (other than Mugen “empties wallet” Musou). Krom seems pretty amazing.

There are a lot of good ones out there. Most can be had for decent prices as well.

I really like the beech Krom that I have. It feels really nice in hand and is really smooth on turntables. I’d say get a Sol, Ozora and/or Zen. Striped Zens will be dropping soon and Sol has a collab with SourMash coming out soon as well.

Its all personal preference.

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try a kendama usa stickypaint model, it will help you with lunars and lighthouse (balance tricks)

Id personally say the Ken USA Kaizen’s their paint is amazing. I own a cherry white and I have progressed alot and it is my fav ken so far.

If it’s about yoyos then I would’ve said it’s personal preference, but with kendamas, I recommend getting one of the JKA model. Ozoras are great, nothing like them, great balance and all. TK16 is arguably the most durable (they even call it the tank of kendama, for a good reason) but the paint is slightly slippier than Ozoras and somewhat heavier especially the tama.