favorite kendama brand

3RD POST Woooo!!

Sweets All Day!

Although if I had a Terra, I would probably be saying Terra all day.



Sweets. I need a DamaDoll

I like Sweets because of the cool kendamas they have, but I think Ozora takes the cake for me in play. Don’t think anything plays better than an Ozora. Just my opinion… God Bless - Moefv

I’m going to bring up Mugen. Most throwers haven’t heard of them but they were regarded as the greatest Kendama company for the longest time. They disappeared and now are coming back.

I made some research before purchasing my first Kendama. I also heard they are the best only to find out they stopped making. After they discontinued, their Kendama’s price rose! I’ve seen their Tamas sold for $50!

I was so stoked when they announced they are coming back!

Saw one that sold on eBay for $250! God Bless - Moefv

Wow! That’s a lot!

I’ve only played with one so far and that’s the Yomega kendama. Both plastic and wooden. The wood one got a new finish on the ball so the paint won’t come off.

lol you forgot kendamaco! Typically the best kendamas are the oozoras (blondes are my favorite these are unpainted or yellow is sticky) sourmash painted kendamas through kendamaCo are also awesome. These have really awesome paint designs and last forever. Sweets Attack are also bad ass kendamas that last forever. Besides that… nothing really compares. Girr painted kendamas from KendamaCo are also kick ass you should look at kendamaco’s website they have some dope kendamas to chose from.

i voted on ozora, because they are really consistance and the best on the market, and i did learned all the tricks i know on those,

Sweets kendama nowdays are really good as well, the ken feels solid and they have much difference kind of paint, the best thing of sweets is they paint all the tamas they sell and the marbles are unique .
so they come up with good not slippery and resistance paint, i tested a couple and i must say they are getting there to be one of the best,

About Mugens , i have a couple of them and they were a gab in my wallet, but totaly worth it, the paint is solid and have grip, the ken is very good balanced and the wood sounds like no other,
i’m also happy the get back in business, but they will be difference then the old ones, because the JKA have patent on the model, like Ozora, Shin Fuji and TK16, and Mugen will not coorperate with hte JKA again, so they can’t use the same measurements of the new mugens, let’s hope they can make very solid ones again,

like Bakednaked said, the KendamaCo have good kendamas too, the new Zen are cool and solid too, and the ones painted by Mr. Sourmash are the bomm, i have 3 of those and they are lovely in play, sticky but great for learning tricks.