Has anyone tried Krom Kendamas?

The Krom Deluxes look so beautiful. I’ve heard nice/vague things about them, and I was wondering if anyone’s tried them/would recommend them.

I’ve not tried them but I’ve only heard good things. Get one and tell us about it.

I haven’t tried one. They are only selling these online because they don’t feel there is enough demand.

I’ve heard a bunch of people want them. I think demand is there, but I think with kendama, a lot of buyers are kids with CASH and would want to “buy it now”. Kind of hard to mail order with cash via online stores for the most part.

I see. Keith Matsura (spelling?) uses them and he’s really good. I wish it wasn’t so hard to get one in pink or mint…

But… I only have so much money, especially as a college student lol

I have red oak. Just get an ozora or klack

Why? Not tacky, not balanced, etc.?

My Ozora is nice, but it will never be as tacky as a Sunrise. I would go for a Kendama USA Pro (which I have tried), but I wanna see what other (uncommon) kendamas are like.

the ball is slippy but it has nice stilts and birds. If you were to get a krom deluxe get a natural

No hate to Krom but I strongly prefer my Oozora Keyaki kendama when it comes to hardwood. If you want to buy one I would recommend a split or plain rubber wood one. I’ve heard Krom is working hard to develop a revolutionary new paint so I would
Wait for that.
Hop this helps.

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I apologize for the necro, but I was thinking of getting a KROM as soon as I have the money (or talking my parents into it for my birthday/Christmas) and I can’t really find reviews on them.

I’ve played some Kroms and they’re nice. They’re hardwood (which I like) they are a bit expensive but they are definitely quality damas. They’re not especially grippy so if that is what you are looking for then your standard painted krom isn’t what you’re looking for but they are very resilient and have a nice weight to them. If you want one I don’t think you’ll be disappointed unless of course you want something super sticky

I got a Krom Deluxe a while back and I’d have to say it’s a great kendama. The paint is ACTUALLY pretty tacky, but because the walnut is so oily, it doesn’t stick very well to any paint. Not even chalkboard paint. Professional Jugglers/Kendama-ers do enjoy the weight and feel of the Krom kendamas when I let them try it. They were pretty surprised when they got some combos “on the first try.”

For me, I don’t think the painted deluxes are worth the $50, and I wouldn’t get a walnut kendama in general, BUT it is a very nice kendama- weight, spike, shape, ball turn. If they sell their normal ones in the US sometime soon, I would purchase one.

I have a KROM standard and a walnut/rubberwood deluxe. Not big on the standard, to be honest. The standard is a bit bigger than most other companies’ standard size kendamas, which may appeal to some.

The deluxe, however, is in another league. On a quick inspection when I got it, it seemed basically to be a hardwood version of an Oozora. The clack is really satisfying and I seem to get just a bit of an edge playing on it. Also, I didn’t glue my spike and it has remained relatively sharp through quite a bit of play.

I’m no pro, by any means, but the most satisfying moments I’ve had in kendama have been on my KROM deluxe. If you can scrape the cash together, I’d give one a shot.