Krom or Ozora?

Hi! I want to buy a new kendama , and in my country i can ONLY buy Krom or Ozora. I was wondering which one is better or what are the pros and cons of both. Thanks , and don’t forget that i can only buy those, don’t come with KendamaUsa or something like that please :D.

I got a OZora all natural and I love it!

Pros: it’s very nice and is approved for comps all around the world.
Cons: it’s mighty hard to do lighthouses and Lunars but hey I’m a new booty

I’ve got a natty Ozora that I use regularly, Ive also got a few Kroms that I use regularly too. You can’t go wrong with either honestly.

The Ozora are great kendamas for the price, and once they break in they play fantastic. I’d probably recommend Krom just because they have more variety of wood types and weights with their different setups. And in my experience the hardwoods are just more durable and long lasting than beechwood. The Walnut/Rubberwood Krom is probably my favorite of the Kroms I own if that helps at all.


Okay, thanks! And another thing, natural tama or painted one? Which is better? In my country i dont have natural ozora, but i have natural krom… And what about lighthouses on ozora? How are they after it breaks in?

Painted vs natural Ozora - Natural take longer to break in and painted will get a little tackier once they break in. It’s a personal preference really, the only way to figure out what you like best is to try a few and see what works for you.

And lighthouses are just like any other trick, once you get the hang of it you can do it on any kendama. Just practice and you’ll get it.

Krom because they are from Europe.

Only those two?
My good Romanian friend, Oase can hook you up with Sweets (he’s a Sweets Pro)!
Their new F3 line is superb!

In terms of tama tack/grip, go for the Krom.
But as for me, i love my Ozoras since they are a wee bit slippery, giving me a little challenge.