New Kendama or New yoyo, or worth money for both

So i got an xodus 2, had for a while, originally for 4a but i don’t have enough space. I can’t do the really advanced tricks due to the short spin time and small bearing. I lube it and is is unresponsive but it is annoying me cause it feels not nice in my hand.

I also wanted to get a kendama so i have a4.5 inch pocket because i wanted something to carry around easily. It getting hard to do the cool tricks and it is unpractical. when i use a normal size one it feels so big and heavy and i want that.

My budget is $10 - $30 dollars for kendama or yoyo

please help, i will post this in kendama and yoyo sections idk if that is against rules

Get a magicyoyo off amazon. T5s, n11, and n12s among others are very good for 10-20$. You might have enough for a kenama too :slight_smile:

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Thanks bra they look pretty legit

YYO Kilter looks pretty interesting as well

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I think ill get the magic yoyo n9

lubin’ a bearin’ will usually make the yo yo more responsive. you could always shim your xodus as well.

and defeat the mini-dama…you can do it!



Yeah I wood stained the mini kendama and it looks really cool now and i am getting pretty good. The xodus was great for the level that i was at but now im going to get a better yoyo.

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