New Job

So I went to Learning Express of San Jose today to see some kids do Kendama. And I took my yoyos and my pill. I bought a Kendama (Pro model) and I used it around the kids. Me being more experienced, I was able to land more tricks and I was even teaching the demonstrators. So the people working took photos and videos, then they asked me if I would like a job demoing their yoyos and kendamas. After talking about it, I give them my info, and I will receive a call in the week. I also received a $20 gift card from them.


Can I come too?

Awesome! That’s a really great job, dude! Have fun and enjoy it! :slight_smile:


It’s really nice to have a job at just 14. My pay will either be $10 or $15 per hour, and I’ll I have to do is use my yoyos and their kendamas ^.^ I also get store credit so I can have gifts covered :). It sounds really good and I only work Saturdays ^.^.

I live close to a learning express, and our almost neighbors own it (At least the one in reno.)

Thats pretty awesome. Work for a couple of hours, get like $60. Do the same next week and you can get sooo may yoyos, you lucky!!! Hahaha

My work starts at 1:30 and ends when I want. I could work all day if I wanted :).

Hehe that’s the best job ever. Congrats on being awesome enough to get it.

Awesome, congrats man. Nothing is better than doing something you love and getting paid for it. Enjoy it, save some money up, and buy a car once you’re 16. Haha. Have fun, I’m pretty jealous :slight_smile:

but i want that job! lol Jk enjoy your job it sounds like the best one ever!

I know it’s pretty cool ^.^ I might also be in charge of choosing which yoyos they’re gonna carry, but that’s up to the owner. But things are looking good so far.

Congratulations iYoyo58! What a wonderful opportunity to take some fun things you really love and turn them into gainful employment. This will also grant you incentive and occasion to greatly fine tune your skills. There is nothing that will generate sales of a product like a yo-yo as a talented demonstrator showing what fun there is to be had with them. It really speaks well of the level of talent these merchants saw in your performance.

This is just great! I’m very happy for you. I wish you weren’t so far away, I’d love to stop by and see you.

Of course you realize all across America there are many faces turning green with envy.

Haha Thanks! I am actually very lucky I scored this job in the first place, seeing as I just went to have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. I’m not going to work on my first day. I’ve asked for permission to post pone my first day so I could go to 2YO :slight_smile: sweeeeett.

That’s awesome man! It was just meant to be.

I also got a job just yoyoing when I was 14. I only got $6 per hour, but that was also 14 years ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

Get that paper kid!

Have fun. But shame on you. Skipping the first day! :wink:

Hahaha they said I could go when I wanted, but only get paid when I go.