New Idea.. Or possibly an old one that failed epically.

I had this weird dream last night, and somehow i was handed a bearing. no normal bearing though, it was like a reverse konkave, but it had one little slight konkave near each edge and it got me thinking. Two strings, one yo-yo? O.o ::slight_smile: ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about 2 strings one yoyo. Sorta reminds me of astrojax kind of stuff without the throw/recall bit. But, I could see it being helpful for 3A to help keep the strings apart a bit. However, not sure how helpful this would be.

2 strings one yoyo’s been done. it’s one of those styles that aren’t particularly common though.
they have a list of all the styles of play on yoyo wiki.

I tried attaching two strings thinking there could be new tricks… Turns out to be very limiting…

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