New Hybrid Hitman


I just received a new Hybrid Hitman. It’s waaay unresponsive! I’m paranoid about overtightening so what’s the best way to make it more responsive? I also have a Dark Magic (no mods) and it’s way more responsive.


Use YoYoJam Thick Lube in the bearing to make it more responsive. :wink:


yup thats one of the only ways other then overtightening,but learn to bind if you havent already

(Yin) #4

Or you can do what DAvid Ung does and melt vaseline on it.


(system) #5

When I got my Hybrid Hitman from A2Z, it was really responsive, even with a worn out string. How is yours ,“Waaaaaaay” unresponsive? I had to loosten my yoyo to get the gap as far as the end of the bearing. ???


Because when you got your HM, I dont think YYJ had upgraded there bearings.

(empirestrings) #7

yeah the new bearings are nice, nut i still use a kk, in my hitman and i love it.


Thanks to all for taking the time to respond. I’m going with thick lube and 50/50 string. Bind returns are much smoother. The bearing is a little noisy though.