Can you tell me how Hitman Plays? (After Advance part 2 :D), I’m looking forward to that Yo-yo. :smiley:

Very well and smoothly. Small gap, good for stability and reduced gyroscopic precession. Very tight binds. I prefer it over my meteor, big gaps just aren’t for me. ;D

Even It is Double O-ring?, And how many days does the break in?, Does breaking in is always playing then the Bearing will be unresponsive and sleep long or after the Yo-yo un-boxing, then apply thin lube in it, then play always then break in?

Okay i really have no idea what you’re trying to say. I’ll answer what I think you’re asking.

Yes, even if its double o-ring its still smooth. I highly recommend silicone though.

The breaking it depends, different bearings take different times to break in, depending on how much you play, and how much it was lubed.

When you break in, the lube is broken down, so it is no longer silent and responsive, it will turn unresponsive.

You can break it in by just playing. Breaking in means breaking down the lube, so putting in more lube in there isn’t gonna help. It depends on the degree of the amount of lube in the bearing though.

Sorry, I haven’t explain it well ;), But even though, You answer it correctly Louisezz! :smiley:


didn’t like it at first but know i love it. better than my m1

I’m a big fan of the hitman. Tight binds, but I had some trouble with the type 6 string causing too much response for slacks, so I shaved the O-Rings (which is a great alternative to silicone). Plays great, and I still use it for Expert level tricks.


I Have a hitman and i like it

ive got hybrid and i love the shape ;D

its cool and it has pretty long sleep times