My yyj Hitman

i modded my hitman for unresspinsive play and i need help cuz it still comes back to my hand without the bind
what i did : i put my longest sleeping baring ( 13s), put thick shims , sicliconed , i even brought the thinest string i could find ( yoyo g string)
any suggestion???

You should be using the speed bearing which is good. Thick Shims? Even better.
Here should be the problem:
The silicone. I have the right silico ne but when I siliconed my yoyo, it was half responsive excatly like your situation now.
Here’s how I solved it (solution):
I only siliconed one side, and it was unresponsive but needed extra good binds. Well I’m fine with that so check that out. Make sure you don’t lube it OR lube with some thin lube and wear it out until normal.

you probably have silicone in the bearing recces, it can be real hard to see.

you probably have silicone in the bearing recces, it can be real hard to see.
[/quoWell, you could say that but cleaning the bearing doesn’t work it’s the siliconing problem.

maybe your silicone is breaking in

What I was saying above, is there is probably some silicone in the well around the bearing seat, that the bearing sits in.

Schnayke is probably right. But, have you actually cleaned the bearing? That could be a simple cause. Also, how long did you let the silicone dry before you put the bearing back in? If it wasn’t dry, you could have easily gotten silicone in the bearing seat like schnayke said or in the bearing itself.

Everybody here is right. Seat, silicone, bearing cleaning, try them all, shouldn’t hurt to try them.

Yes, try this. The bearing is the biggest factor in response. A heavily lubed bearing will be responsive, a lightly lubed one will not. Of course heavy and light are qualitative terms…