YYJ Hitman problems

I have a yoyojam hitman that was great when I first got it, but it barely sleeps long enough to do more advanced tricks. It has all the stock parts in it. Is there anything I can do to make it sleep longer and be more stable and less responsive? I have cleaned and lubed the bearing, but I didn’s notice much difference.

play with it

This. Lubing makes the yoyo more responsive and slows the bearing down, but does help the bearing last, so just play with it to “break it in.”

practice spin time. nothing is wrong with the hitman. you may be able to preform tricks because you practiced those. well i can play with a hitman just fine and the main reason is because i have developed a strong sleeper. if it is responsive, then learn to play unresponsive. if it is unresponsive, practice playing responsive a little. unresponsive yoyos generally sleep longer and snag less, so that would help the problem. using responsive yoyos is the equivalent of running with weights. if you can pull off a spirit bomb with a responsive, you can easily pull it off with an unresponsive one. the main key is to practice though.

If you want the Hitman to play as unresponsive as possible, add some thick YYJ shims, clean the bearing and either leave it dry or use thin lube, and you can also remove the o-rings and replace them with flowable silicone as a response (available at most auto stores).