Hitman Pro mod help

Is there a way to make my hitman pro sleep longer and etc.?My Hitman rpo is looking like a chump right next to my friends Dark Magic II. ARe there any specific bearing or anything that will help it?

You can try out different bearings if you want. It’s all preference; some suggest KonKaves while others prefer 10-balls. However, there is no need to mod your Hitman Pro any further. It can sleep for quite a long time, and plays well. It can compare to the DMII pretty well. I suggest learning how to throw better.

There’s many things.

First, the Hitman Pro is undersized. You may need to get adjusted to it.

Second, the YYJ Speed Bearing is pretty good. So, I’m not saying you need a better bearing. You may wish to clean it in mineral spirits or acetone. Just an observation, I’m finding acetone provides better results, but those are my experiences. You may wish to run it dry, lightly lubed or Terrapin X treated.

Third, the all important one, your throw. Work on that throw. This is tied to #1.

4th: string tension might be a minor issue at best.

5th: Have your friend throw your Hitman Pro and see if there’s a difference. I find when a friend of mine throws my yoyos, they tend to perform a bit better because his throw is a lot better than mine.

I have both yoyos in question. Great stuff, for sure!

Put in the large bearing, clean it, lightly lube it. If that doesn’t do it, it’s your throw. :wink:

A cleaned, dry(no lube) yyj speed bearing is one of the best bearings out there. Sounds like your friend just has a better throw. Like studio said swap yoyos and compare the results to rule out user error.

Also Try a hybrid response. I forgot what response hit man Is but if it’s o ring the. Take out one o ring and silicone one side and on the other recess the o ring and it should be better

I think the original Hitman used dual O-rings, but can be siliconed. The current Hitman Pro uses the YYJ response pads.

Ummm, actually hybrid response refers to one side star burst and the other o-ring (or silicone).

The Hitman was sold originally with dual o-rings, and later with hybrid response as I described.

As for recessing the o-ring, tread carefully. You stand a good chance of cutting thru the shell or weakening it by doing so. If the o-ring stands too proud, use a razor blade to trim it flush with the shell.

No offense to you guys who obviously know more than me about Yoyos, I think it would be helpful to him(and me) if you used easier terminology when describing the response, because he seems to be fairly new to yoyoing and may not understand all of these terms. And, my 500th post!

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He will probably come across those terms again in the future, so I think its useful if he learns it now, to allow for easier communication afterwards.

So what part of this needs more explanation?