New Hobbies or Pets Since COVID-19?

Can’t beleive it. Me too. Brought the same essential kit :grinning:
I’m playing it with my 3 girls. Lets just say its a little tough going (Monopoly caused less argument). My youngest insists on being the dungeon master, and is doing a not bad job. My middle daughter started out as a paladin but after numerous shouts of “stab”, “kill” and “can we loot the body” it has been decided to change her to something more suitable, and my eldest is a wizard. I’m a ranger.
I don’t think we’re playing it right but i suppose its a leaning curve.


My new “hobby” is cleaning my very small, very full-looking apartment. If I had an adult-sized apartment I’d seem destitute - like I had no belongings. For the last week and half I’ve enthusiastically gotten out of bed before full dawn and spent an hour working on a section and usually hauling a load out to the dumpster. It brings me GREAT peace of mind and the clutter has been a thorn grinding into my brain for quite a few years and it really robbed me of peace at work and at home. When this whole virus $@&*#% is over and I return to work and a normal life I want to be in a happy and peaceful place mentally. I am not going to pee away all these weeks or months. The time I now have is a great gift.


^ This the kind of hobby I need!


Ive sold off most of my fodder yoyos and invested heavily in music production equipment. Super wicked Synth (Access Virus Ti2 61key), the soundtracking monster Korg WaveState, and a Boss RC 505 looping station. Also learning Massive VST and Reaper DAW. I have so much to learn, but im making progress and making cool sounds that will someday come together for legit tracks. Still waiting on a few things to land, ill post pics once they do. :slight_smile:


Since my business is currently closed I’ve just been doing more of my normal hobbies. We have chickens now so that’s fun. And I am practicing drying flowers for resin casting. Possibly grab some dice molds in the future. It’s nice having some control on one thing. Damn I want to play Pokémon shield though haha.


If there’s not much wind, these things are decent enough, and nice and light for carrying. You can leave the light off since you’ll be outside.


Found a couple praying mantis ootheca at work. Gonna raise a few of them as pets after they hatch. I am pretty excited for that. Be a few weeks probably.


I’m getting back into fighting games.


Nothing new, really. My alcohol tolerance is climbing and I’m playing more video games. So, the pandemic is basically making me more like I was 10 years ago - before proper job, wife, kid, etc.


I also did the ham radio thing.

But mine failed miserably. My plan was flawed.

I got a ham. Carved it up with a filet knife. The detail was amazing. It looked just like a radio!

I sat it on the kitchen sink, next to the outlet.

But the moment I plugged it in; the only thing I could hear was the sound of bacon🙀.


Just don’t let your personal hygiene get really bad like it was back then!


I’m getting back into mini painting. I’m hyper critical of myself and got frustrated trying to paint minis that were way too small for Descent 2nd Ed (if you’re familiar, it was those goblins from the core set that broke me). But I have a rather larger troll to paint up with awesome muscle detail that makes me feel excited about painting, so I’m gonna get onto that this weekend.

My wife and I have also been dusting off board games we’ve been meaning to make time for. Right now we’re going through the Pathfinder ACG 1st Ed Mummy’s Mask set. We’re also gonna start back up our Descent 2nd Ed campaign and one day finally crack open Gloomhaven lolol.

I’ve also been getting into the Pathfinder Age Of Lost Omens setting. Having fun just daydreaming about what life in Absalom etc would be like and how I’d handle deities etc in a campaign I might run, and what kind of campaign I’d run. Just kinda having fun reading the core rulebook my wife got me for my birthday months ago and the wiki.

I’ve also been enjoying writing with fountain pens and working on my penmanship. I need to do more cursive drills but overall my penmanship has gotten a lot more legible and neater simply because I’m paying attention and slowing down more. Also, fountain pens are a joy to write with vs ball points omg.

Also need to get on cleaning/purging. Work’s slowed down for me a bit so might as well use my free time to do something productive! As others have said, the peace of mind from an uncluttered home/workspace/etc is something that’s easily overlooked but can have a huge impact on mental health and productivity.


Observing @nonja121 is my new found hobby.
I want to put him in a tank and watch. :joy:

Edit : I think I may have been a little Chilli :hot_pepper: high while eating dinner when I wrote that just now. :exploding_head:


Dude, if you can pitch a Truman Show-style Nonja Show, go for it! Just give me a cut when it’s all over so I can retire haha.


Hahaha @FrankieJR he doesn’t even realise you are an actor yet.
Do you really think that a person who only loves green really exists? (@twitch77)
Or wonder why there are so many ads when you watch TV?
Or why you are not allowed out your house while we upgrade the Nonja Show set?




Why am I mentioned in this. Am I the actor or did you finally lose your mind


No new hobbies, but have been able to spend some quality time with friends playing co-op games online like overcooked 2.


You “sold” him the yoyos he was looking for :slight_smile:


You are speaking to much. Too much thought gets put into the story arcs and character development for you to tell him all this now?!