New Hobbies or Pets Since COVID-19?

So delicious, and I feel great! Nobody else in my family will come near it, though.


I use to make water kefir. It tasted great. When I tried doing milk kefir i messed it up and it was gross. I probably have brain damage from that experiment


I’m just finishing up a batch of kombucha! It’ll be ready soon


All kinds of new hobbies.

My latest is drawing. Got some books, pads, pens and pencils and found some good YouTube sites. Never been much of a drawer. Not much at all. Starting with zentangles and will move on from there.

Also got the stuff to try quilling. Have not tried it yet. Plan to make something suitable for framing. And maybe some things I can use to decorate Christmas presents.

Got me a harmonica. Going to try that. I’ve tried before and always had trouble blowing a single note.

Was working on my ham radio license. Reached a point where I am about ready to take the test for my license, and have no place to go to be tested. That has caused me to set that aside.

Was learning to crochet. I’m at a point where I am not sure that I am doing something correctly. Don’t want to push further until I find out for sure. Trying to find a family member that crochets.


Currently getting back into some sewing projects.


My one and only sewing project. A queen size quilt that I made for my sister a few years ago. It took me months and I have not been back to the sewing machine since.


I tried milk Kefir both from the store, and making my own. I gave it my best, but could just never get used to it.

The water Kefir is so good, and gives me a slight buzz.


Milk kefir from the store id great. Making it however… gives me bad memories


I learned how to bake bread and am learning D&D for the first time. Also learning Ableton Live for music production!


I’ve been messing with harmonicas for years. My worst mistake? Buying a dozen $8 - $12 harmonicas thinking they’d be good. Anything that costs less than $50 is garbage. You can play cheapies but there is no richness to the sound and reeds are whack.


Which version of Abelton Live are you using? Have you used any other DAWs? I used to know Cubase OK.

I’m doing the 90-day free trial of version 10. Before this, I had only used GarageBand, and had seen a friend use FL Studio. I really like the interface and workflow of Ableton, but I’m still relatively new to professional level DAWs. It’s a good project for a music teacher working at home right now.

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Probably not much new hobbies but more time to dedicate to hobbies I already have. Right before quarentine was active on my country, a very cheap classical guitar landed on my house and I’ve been havin a lot of fun with it recently, more so since I only have an electric guitar.

A couple days ago i was so bored, I slapped together a small cover of Saria’s Song in like 5 minutes and it came out decent enough to be post-worthy.


Like someone else said, just devoting more time to the ones I already have. Been blasting my electric ukulele, much to the wife’s dismay. Also playing the acoustic ukes and tenor guitars. I usually play acoustic, but there’s something special about shedding on an electric uke when you’ve been cooped up for weeks with no end in sight. I’ve been contemplating making kefir water, kimchi or sour kraut for some time, who knows, maybe y’all will inspire me to do it sometime soon.


Working more on Blues piano, also trying to get some gospel sounds into it, as I learn the techniques. Enjoying it more than studying jazz, since the jazz theory starts to make me nervous.


Good to play lefty if it’s your dominant hand. Most of the power comes from the picking hand.


I’m starting to enjoy going for daily walks with the kids and taking yoyo videos in unexpected places. :slight_smile:

I think I need to invest in a Tripod for the phone, any suggestions?


I would get something small and easy to carry. This is so nice and you can attach your phone to anything.


I kinda want it taller though as most places don’t have somewhere it can attach to or stand high enough on.

I might get something like that for my room and maybe a taller one for outdoors?


Then go for something quality. Manfrotto is the industry standard for tripods. I have used them for years and it’s worth getting a nice one. Nothing more frustrating then a cheep tripod.