New High End Yoyo String

Hello guys, I recently started making high end string (only the best thread). I am calling it Turbo Strings. I make them all by hand one at a time. I would love opinions on what I am doing. I may start a small company out of it later if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading. Please comment!

You should figure out how to set up a rig for 10+ at a time, or you’re going to burn out. It will probably also produce more consistently repeatable string formulas as a side effect.

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I already set up a rig for ten but I have to spin them singularly. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to make 10 strings. But like I said they are very high quality and are made extremely carefully.

I love trying new string! Hope I get to try these some time

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I will try to get them on YYE at some point. For hopefully either $5 per 5 strings or $10 per 10 strings. I know that is a high price but these are extremely high quality.

I for one wouldn’t mind purchasing a Higher Quality String in that price range if it lasted really long that still felt like new with great performance. I think the Body of the Yo-Yo’s and the Bearings and Response have seen great strides in recent years. The strings, yes of course too BUT I still have to change the string after 8 hours of play on it. So give or take every 2-3 days, I have to use another string costing me .19c.

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I haven’t been able to know how lond this string last, but I hear that I can go for a month without breaking. I’ve been using mine frequently for a week and it still fells like I made it yesterday