SixthSenseYoYo Strings

This is the main thread for news on my company, SixthSenseYoYo Strings. I used to make most of my string, to save money, because I constantly go through strings. But I decided to get some prototypes done and start sharing my creations. I will have a thread on the B/S/T for prices on the strings, but I will have pictures below, of my strings. I am still in the process of making protos, but I have some ready to be made and shipped out. Just personal message me if you have any questions, or if you would like to purchase some.

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Message me if you would like to sign up for being a SixthSenseYoYo String tester.

Now on to the strings:

The prices may seem expensive, but each string is hand-made, and takes about 15 minutes to make one. I use the most homemade supplies for this such as a chair, a vacuum, and a power drill. These strings last a pretty long while, so you only need about 1 string per yoyo every few weeks and rarely need to change them (depending on what string you get). But if you do change string often, it won’t be because of tension and and it won’t be because of fray or it being worn down. The strings are not made, they are made once someone has placed an order. Each order takes about 2-5 days to be made, depending on how much you order.

Chunk String, 100% Polyester. A looser string, that keeps tension very well, and keeps the feeling of a new string for the whole life of the string. Lifespan of string: about 2-5 weeks.
Comes in Blue, Purple, White, Neon Yellow, and Neon Green. Thin or Thick. I prefer Thick over Thin, but its all preference.
I can do multiple colors in one string, but i couldn’t guarantee them to be as described above, since its not all one strand.
5 Chunk Strings for $5.99 or 10 Chunk Strings for $9.99
Message me about bigger or smaller orders.
Examples of the string:

Unicorn Tail String, 100% Polyester.
The size of a regular polyester string from a standard company. But keeps the feeling of a new string longer,is a bit looser, and manages tension much better than a regular poly. Feels very nice.
Comes in White with a Rainbow Stripe.
5 Unicorn Tails for $4.99 or 10 Unicorn Tails for $8.50

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May have to try some chunk string in the future.looks awesome!

ya i just got a couple testers so there should be a couple reviews to come.