Im selling completely custom to your liking, Hand made Yoyo string. Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Nylon. Any color, Any color combination. Any thickness. Any material. Any material combination. These strings are top quality hand made and tested by me personally. Having trouble with those Suicides or Jade whips? Looking for a super fast, super slick, stiff string? Want something with a little flash and shine? What ever it is your looking for chances are I can make it and you will love it. Strings are approximately 45 inches in length.

I make each order custom when it is received I do not stockpile string. I do this so each order is made with careful attention to detail so you get the highest quality product for your money.

If your interested or want to see a picture of some product E-mail me, find me on FB or reply to this post. These are a few of my favorites on my throws.

Starting Price $5 for 10 strings.
Shipping and Handling $1 Dollar

Now Accepting Pay Pal

Remember these are custom hand made individually one at a time.