new good yoyo

guyz i broke my overdrive because someone told me to put silicone for it but it didnt worka nd now it doesnt spin anymore and i got a bad one becuz it wont come up wtf can someone suggest me a good yoyo that doesnt come defective pls

Get a yoyo jam classic. And if you want, I will be more than happy to buy your broken yoyo lol.

It is not broken, it now needs a new bearing and it’s as good as new!

What’s your price range?

@a1frosty - Looks like they’ve lowered the admission standards at UCLA, ehhh. :wink:

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Most yoyos don’t come up now adays
You need to learn a bond return to bring it up

And if you would like

I could fix up your overdrive for you
Don’t throw it out
That’s a waste! It’s an easy fix

I’m so proud of you guys. You’re always so eager to help a new guy. :wink:


I believe your need for help vastly exceeds what we can do for you here. My advice is to find a store/shop in your area that sells yoyos. By your IP address, it looks like you are located in L.A. CA. There’s a really nice store that actually has a yoyo club associated with it that may be able to help you. I know L.A. is a big area, but for the cost of your Overdrive, it may be worth driving an hour or so to get it fixed.

Sunshine Kite Company
110 W Torrance Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 372-0308
Sunshine Kite Company
110 Fishermans Wharf, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 372-0308 | More Info

tank you guys i will go there soon it says there is yoyo contest in socal soon i will walk there sometime

That’d be your best bet. I trust the bridge you live under and charge a fee to cross is close. :slight_smile:

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Putting his location out on blast?
Can you tell where I am from my IP? I’m curious to know since I’m always on a mobile device.