where to buy quality yo yo in San Francisco/Oakland bay area? - TODAY!

Hi, HELP! My 11 year old is in a talent show tonight (yes tonight) with his yo yo act and his yo yo broke. I am trying to find a store where I can buy a quality yo yo before tonight. Ihave gone to Toys R Us with no luck. Any suggestions in the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose bay area?

If there’s a gadgets and gizmos near you, they usually have some metals. Good luck!

What yo-yo does he have, and how did it break? Maybe we can help repair rather than replace

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thanks for the replies. He plays with a Maverick usually, but I bought him a light up one for the show. It is a Duncan model, not sure of the name because Im not home right now. It is squeaking and not spinning. I have tried oiling it but it only helps for a little while and then starts squeaking again.

I’ve seen numerous Big 5 stores sell Yoyofactory and Duncan yo-yos. I’d recommend getting a Velocity or Dv888

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Sounds like a Light up Duncan FHZ…

Problem maybe the bearing itself… too much oil/lube will reduce the spin time.  May need to clean the bearing and add a single drop of thin lube.  Here is a good YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzkAZM3-WD0
…OR try a new bearing which maybe available at a local hobby store that sells R/C stuff… If it is a Duncan FHZ the “Size A” bearing dimensions are 5 x 10 x 4mm I believe.

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Thank you everyone for your help! This yo yo challenged mom appreciates it very much!