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Hello again,

I recently bought a C3yoyodesign Di Base and having a blast with it but I recently came in to some more money and i want to buy a smashing full size since I have mainly had undersized. I have a budget of about £80 or (according to google currency converter) $125. So what are some good ones to research? Thanks again guys, you’re all so helpful.

It depends on your preferences do you like heavy or light I know you want full size but V shape or H or organic although I would probably recommend a code 1 they are sooo nice and they have some new colorways that came out like 2 weeks ago

Hmm… I don’t think I have had enough experience with different weights to say I like this type. What I sort of want to do go outside my comfort zone and get one I that is just different, hence the full-size.

then go with a code 1 its full size with side effects so you can change the weight

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The more you share about preferences and likes, the easier it is to make recommendations.

For $125USD, that’s a decent amount you can do a lot with. The choices are very large, so your placement of limiting factors really helps narrow down what you should be looking at. Setting a limtiation of over-sized does help narrow the choices down a bit. The full sized category is pretty much accepted to be from 54mm to 56.9mm outer diameter.

The One Drop 54 is really good and is exactly at 54mm, hence the name.
The Code 1, Code 2 and Burnside are just under 57mm The Burnside is available, the Code 2 just dropped and it selling out fast.

Going outside your comfort zone might not be a good thing to do at $125. I’d stick with something less expensive for this venture. You may wish to consider some YYJ metal/plastics or maybe a Protostar or Northstar due to costs. I know, shipping can be expensive to the UK, so that might be the logic behind going ahead and spending big.

I understand the risks. I also understand my likes.(I like almost everything). I like variety and have stuff all up and down regarding size, shape and weight.

I’d recommend CLYW’s but good luck getting any of those! They sell out like mad.

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I would highly recommend the following:
CLYW Chief
CLYW Avalanche
CLYW Sasquatch
OneDrop Code2
OneDrop Burnside
OneDrop DANG
Crucial Confection
Crucial A La Mode
Werrd Irony
Werrd Split Decision (Anti Superstar)
SPYY Solaris
Rebel Yoyos Macrocosm
C3 Yeah3
ILYY Liopleurodon
RecRev Mangaroo

Thank Studio,

I am considering getting a Burnside since everyone seems to recommend them, the codes I giving it a while until people have had time to play with the second to see how much it differs form the code 1 adn what peoples opinions become of them over time.

After a bit of research, I think I’d prefer a yoyo at about 64g+ (not too sure if that is considered heavy or what), with a wide gap (4mm+) and a V-shape (like the Di Base). That should help narrow it down a bit I hope.

EDIT Thank you for the recommendations AgentTone001, I will definitely check those out.

 To the OP: Even though the CODE 1 and CODE 2 share the "CODE" brand name, they play quite differently, and I love both. Coming from a guy who owns both, I say there are many distinguishing features, warranting someone to own both. They only share the "CODE" name because they are community designed yoyos. (CODE=Community One Drop Experiment) They are 2 totally different beasts, and I reccomend both.    

 At this price point, not many are reccomending a YYF, but maybe you should branch out and try the DNA. It is a full size 888 and plays like a dream. It is styled after the '07 888, which I believe is the best. Among all the high-end and exotic yoyos from small companies, the YYF DNA manages to hold its' own. It has hubstacks, but comes with nubs if that isn't your thing (No stack vibe though, and they add stability). At exactly $125, this is a great yoyo. I also like the CODE series and reccomend any of them.  :)
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