Full size metal!!!


I’m looking to pick up a full size metal. I already have an under sized my dv888. I’m looking in a price range of say 70 to 100 any advice on what to get???


Well, there’s good news for you! You’ve got literally hundreds of options! Sadly, that is also bad news as it will be difficult to choose from all the great throws within your price range!

Because of that, I’m going to recommend any of One Drop’s Side Effect enabled yoyos because you’ll be able to get a very wide perspective on weights and play styles with minimal investment. Buy a CODE2 on the B/S/T for $70.00 or so, then spend your remaining $30.00 on Side Effects so you can play with the weight of the yoyo and find your personal “sweet spot”!

If that doesn’t sound appealing or if you just don’t like the idea of getting a One Drop yoyo, I recommend one of the many YoYoFactory metal yoyos. You already have a DV888, so why not give the Supernova or Genesis a shot? They’re both highly acclaimed yoyos that are enjoyed by many, so chances are one of them will fit well with you and your play style.


Is there some specific feature or attributes that you’re interested in?

The price range gives you a lot to work with. If you want to go under budget, the Capless, DiBase, DiBase 2 and Sine//saw come to mind.

One Drop has quite a few offerings in your price range. C3 also has loads to choose from. Even YoYoJam and YoYoFactory have metal models in your budget. There’s also good stuff below your budget too.

However, without getting more information, we’re just tossing out models in your budget. Help us to help you. What do you have? What do you like or dislike about what you have? Do you have any preferences at this point?


The H3X is fullsized but it is $120 it is a great throw though my current favorite.

There is also the PHENOMizm that is one of my favorites I like it alot


Really any RecRev or C3 would be a good choice. The other throws that come to mind would be a burnside or theory. I’ve heard great things about both those throws but I’d still go with a mo-vitation myself