I have yo yo quite a while, but have taken a break for one year, but know i want to start again.
I already have a dv888 but know i want a new one.
I think about a price range between 30-120 dollars. i want it to be stable and smooth. and this time i maybe want it to be more a oversize than a undersize. it should have a good bearing and a good Response System. it can be all kinds of shapes.


Try something from Caribou Lodge. Maybe the Avalanche?


code 1 is great good colors smooth full sized grinds well and is just all around great


Code 1 is an excellent choice. You could also work your way up, because you have a DV888, right? Maybe getting two $60 throws would be a good choice, too.


more proposals :wink:


dang is good, burnside is good, pick something thst speaks to you

(Brandon1) #7

YYF Genesis
OD Code 1
CLYW Chief (more expensive than $130, but I hear it’s really good!)


I would recommend a Crucial Confection Or one drop burnside


The YYJ DM II is nice. Not real expensive either.


While I normally recommend the DM2, and I still am, I think the Code1 or an Avalanche would be the better choice. OP already has a metal, might be best to stay all metal.


Tjena! Har du facebook? För annars finns det en svensk yoyo grupp där som du kan joina. Om du har så kan du gå in på YoyoExperts facebook sida sen letar du efter “Eric Österström” du kan adda mig då :stuck_out_tongue:


Translate or bring it to the pm’s.

The spyy ronin is an excellent throw, and is my personal fave. You honestly can’t really go wrong with anything in the 100 dollar price range, just pick something that appeals to you.


Hey! Do you have Facebook? For otherwise there is a Swedish yoyo group where you can join. If you have so you can go into YoyoExperts Facebook page late are you looking for “Eric Österström” you can adda me-Translated

What are you doing?


Google isn’t perfect. :wink:


I don’t think it’s necessary to have to take non-English discussion to PM. Granted, many of us can’t read Swedish(I can’t either), but hey, maybe the two of them can.


It’s still not polite.


Neither is my in-laws coming over to my house, taking over and not speaking English. But hey, that’s life.

If communication is successful, that’s all that matters. We need to drop the “english only” attitude and be more accepting of other languages, or at least tolerant. It doesn’t bother me that it wasn’t in English. I received the impression of two people who can speak the same language trying to help one another. It just so happened to be in public.

We’ll let the admins decide. Other forums I moderate, we allow non-English, but we do state that “don’t expect help as easily when we have to run through translators”. It got to the point where we had to make a German area, which was felt was a good way to deal with the excessive amount of German-language postings. They unfortunately don’t get a whole lot of help though.



This is an English forum, so your supposed to speak… English! It’s like me going on the ilyy forum, and only typing English, instead of German, and I’m sure they would be peeved too. I understand your acceptance thing, but they should just use a Swedish forum, if they wish to speak in Swedish.


Gonna read the article later.

A friend of mine was doing a muilti-language audio recording for DMV tests for those who can’t read. I think he did like 40 different languages. It required coordination because we had to have the reader/voice talent and a language specific producer for most recordings to ensure the proper takes.

So, no longer is English not a requirement, neither is literacy.

I joke about this, but it’s getting less and less funny.

How many of you have been to Autopia in Disneyland? They hand you a little “Autopia Driver’s license”, where I think after the ride if you want to you can go to a kiosk and have your picture printed on it. But anyhow, they hand these to everyone. Yup, totally California, where it seems they DO hand out driver’s licenses to just about anyone who asks.

It’s a big planet, there’s over 200 languages. YYE ships worldwide. Let’s be tolerant of non-English. It’s a small world, after all.