Help picking a Yo-Yo for a beginner, and one for me!

So I used to yo-yo a lot back when i was younger, but for some reason I stopped. ??? Anyway, getting back into it now, and a friend (a girl), wants to try it too. She’s not sure if she’s going to like it or not (she will ::slight_smile: ), and doesn’t want to spend more than about 15-20 on her first. I asked if she wanted to start with a responsive yo-yo, but she wants to go to unresponsive right away. She has no brand preference.

I’m not really sure what yo-yo in that price range is easy for beginners to learn on, so recommend away!

Now for me! (Yay!)

Recently got an 888, and I love it, but I’m looking for a cheaper throw to take everywhere with me. Price range I’m looking for is between $15-$45. maybe another yyf as i can use the same response pads (obsessive about these kind of things lol). I’m pretty open minded about it tho.

Both throws are for 1a style.

id say for her get a yyj classic with upgrades response pads (can use yyf’s) and a full size C bearing

for you, look at the yyf shutter, c3 level 6, yyf CZM8, they all use the same response pad style.

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I’ll Check those out. Thanks for the tips man ;D

no problem, if you want to talk more about any of this stuff feel free to PM me.