New from TopYo - The Su Jia Peng signature Time Jacker!

Time Jacker:

The latest release from TopYo is a signature bi-metal for Su Jia Peng - The Time Jacker!

Time Jacker is an extra wide bi-metal design optimized for 5A & 1A with a focus on power and agility. It has a lighter feel on the string, weighing in at 64g, but still offers plenty of stability and spin power even at lower RPMs. The wide V-shape profile lends itself nicely to speed play with easy acceleration and excellent response to direction change. It also provides a nice wide catch zone for those riskier elements.

With a simple clean engraving and an affordable price tag, the Time Jacker is a great choice for any thrower looking for a new bi-metal!

Online now!


i like

Isn’t a 4.6mm gap width a little large for 5A play?

Well, if Su Jia Peng uses it for 5A, I would guess not.

And… if for you personally it might seem slightly large, you can always just make a string thickness adjustment and dial it in where you want it.

….just my opinion.

PS… It sure looks like a Draupnir. And if it rolls anything close to Draupnir awesomeness, it is certainly much less expensive🙀 About 1/3 the price.



This is awesome