New Forum Section:

I was thinking that maybe a Questions/Help section for the forum would help ???
Anybody have thoughts if this is good idea?

I really do think that the entire forum is made to learn/help/teach/have fun and now recently trade. Different sections open up for different questions. If you have a question about flowable silicone or cleaning your bearing, you go to the modding section. And if you need help on a trick, you go to the trick section. If you are looking after opinions on a yoyo, you can try out the review section. And if you are just wondering about something yoyo-related or don’t know where else to post, head to the general section.

Will I just thought it would be easier for people and wouldnt be ??? ->clutteryish<- ???

I guess not

Not really. Most of the discussion is yoyo related, which is why we have the General YoYo Forum, and when you have a yoyo related question, you can just ask, right?