A general Tips section

I think it would be nice to have a “General Tips” section. One to post like how to pull a bearing without a bearing pull tool. I know there is the mods and maintenance section but this would be for other tips like trick tips and even string tips.

I think this would just confuse the issue of where to put stuff more than it already is.

trick tips goes in tricks.
how to pull a bearing and string tips goes in mods and maintenance. No need to have another subforum when we have the appropriate ones already.

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isn’t that what the tricks section is for?

Eh I guess so. I know i have thought of somethings that i couldn’t decide on what section to put them in. but yeah another one would make it more confusing.

If you can’t decide where to post something just put it in the general section. We (the mods) will put it in it’s perspective place for you.

it would be nice however if the trick section could be split: tips/help in one area, then a seperate area to display original/new tricks a cool move etc.

There is already a “tips and tricks” area. There’s really no need to break it down further.

Every other forum that I go into does things like that. Granted, most aren’t yoyo forums, but “tips and tricks” tend to get lumped together.

This topic is now done. Everything you could need is either already there and can be found in a search or you can post a query.