New Section at YYE - Advice and Help

(Chris Allen) #1

There are alot of these questions…
What should I buy?
X vs Y
Whats Better
What String
What what what what what…
And that is cool and all, but it clutter the main board so Andre has created a new subsection of the Review area " Looking for Help/Recommendation "
It is Right HERE. If you have a question, stick it there! Thanks all!


Awesome. Great idea.

(JonasK) #3

Half of the general section just got moved, lol.

This is a great idea!


Awesome :slight_smile:

(Nova) #5

Andre pwns. 8)


I’m pretty sure this was dryoyo’s doing :stuck_out_tongue:


He might have wanted it, but Chris did say that André put it in…says so in the OP.