New Counterweights from Duncan!



The new Duncan Rapid Ball is a fun new counterweight design from Duncan. It is a textured round plastic ball with a string groove around the outside and a hole through the middle. Attach the string by securing it around the string groove or looping it through the hole like a traditional counterweight.


The new Duncan Double Dice is an innovative take on 5A play. It is a two piece counterweight with one smaller cube fitting inside the larger dice shell. The smaller piece is free moving and can slide along the string independently to add a creative new element to your 5A tricks.


I’m curious what you can do in 5A with the double dice that isn’t possible with a typical counterweight?



I believe there was a skilled double dice player that got a signature yoyo and he had a promo video. I can’t remember the player or company though, but the yoyo was sold on YYE

(2Sick Joey) #5

That was Diamont Nior. Forget the name of the player though. Was someone from Indonesia I think