Three All New Yo-Yos From DIAMONT NOIR!

Diamont Noir is back with three amazing new yo-yos for you to check out! The Clarity, The Deuxieme, and The Celestial 2.0!

Diamont Noir is one of the few companies out of Singapore to make some truly amazing high end yo-yos. Run by Iskandar Shah, former Singapore National 5A Champion, Diamont Noir is a company that really focuses on precision competition-level performance from a yo-yo players point of view.

All three new yo-yos are equipped with Dif-e-Yo Konkave Bearings and finished in some really cool new color ways!

The Clarity:

The Clarity is a true performer. Its sleek v-shape and beefed up rims give you a level of speed and stability that will help you breeze through any combo. And even though this yo-yo is on the heavier side, just over 70 grams, it plays really agile on the string. The weight distribution is so perfect that the added heft just boosts the velocity and spin time, giving you that extra edge in any competition.

The Deuxieme:

The Deuxieme (pronounced deuxieme) has the classic Diamont Noir look but was designed with a little more speed in mind. The deeper curves in the profile create a slightly wider v-shape and push more weight out to the rims. This shape, combined with a precision weight distribution, creates a faster and more maneuverable yo-yo without sacrificing stability or spin time – Making the Deuxieme excellent for horizontal play variations!

You may not be able to pronounce the name of this beautiful Diamont Noir yo-yo, but just throw it once and it won’t matter. The Deuxieme is a true competitor that will elevate any play style!

The Celestial 2.0:

The Celestial 2.0 has a design very similar to its predecessor with the beautiful curved v-shape, stepped down inner cups, and of course – the weight! The first thing you notice in the Celestial and the Celestial 2.0 is their unconventional 76-77 gram weight, but once you play with one you get it, it just works!

You can definitely feel the Celestial 2.0 on the end of the string, but you won’t care, it has such an amazing and unique play to it. The idea behind the weight is to really amp up the spin time and velocity – You want it to keep on spinning and pushing through those complex combos with multiple string wraps. This makes it an ideal yo-yo for 5A and really fun for 1A as well!

So, which one of these is the best?

I don’t see a difference between the 3 yoyos other than a slight change in shape.

Rim thickness as well. Not 100% but the width may be a bit different too if I remember correctly.

And weights.

I’m pretty sure all these small differences will come together to make 3 very different playing yoyos.