has anyone......

Has anyone tried any of the diamont noir yoyos, if so i would like to know your thoughts.

I have tried the celestial deuxieme 1, 2, celestial 1, 2 and clarity.

Right now I mainly use the celestial deuxieme 2.0 for my 3a since they are really stable and spin for an above average amount of time.

I like heavy yoyos and diamont noir yoyos fit my preferences perfectly. 70g yoyos with no float and just power in every throw. They are fun, yet competition ready and if you asked me, I’d say my favourite throws come from diamont noir.

They have a new side effect enable throw coming very soon based off the clarity named Mandala.

Tldr; Good, well constructed, heavy yoyos.

They make some really nice yo-yos. Like live wire said, they’re on the heavier side, but if you like heavier yo-yos then they’re a great choice!

Is the one drop chik on the heavy side? But yeah i like heavy yoyos. i haven’t actually tried a floaty yoyo, but i don’t think i’ll like them, i love heavy and solid yoyos.

Chik’s pretty light

Yeah, I wouldn’t consider the Chik heavy.  Have you looked at the Radical Seas Set Sail yet?
It’s a really nice heavier yo-yo that came out recently, might be a good fit for you.

Yeah the set sail does seem really nice