Looking for a heavier H profile throw.

Looking for my next purchase. I want a H profile throw that weighs 68 grams and above. I’d like to keep the price under $100 if possible. So far I’ve looked at the Radical Seas Set Sail. Can anyone recommend me a few more options within my guidelines? Thanks!

The Shu ta is really nice. I don’t know the weight.

Shutter is 67.9 grams I believe.

This comes to mind:

Some throws that don’t exactly meet your requirements but are definitely worth considering:


I thought of the OD Burnside when I saw this post, but it doesn’t look like they sell those here anymore

Diamont Noir yoyos are really good. And heavy. But I’m kinda biased though, since I like heavy.

OneDrop Bechmark-H is an awesome throw. You can choose different side effects to change the weight to your liking.

CLYW cliff immediately comes to mind, except the price is over 100. It’s also kind of challenging to find a new one for a decent price. If you have the chance, grab one.

When in doubt genesis

The yyf Aviator. It is stable heavy and fast.

68 grams


Ladies and gentleman presenting you the smallest yoyo doc post.

Disclaimer. Just for humor purpose.

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