New Cosmo colors
Above are the color choices, they’re made by laminating acrylic pen blanks

Here’s some finished products- will be for sale soon =]

SICK! :o

WOW! Those are amazing! That’s better than YYF Splash (sorry YYF)! SICK!


Blue/white is sexy

Finally something different that splash.

AMAZING! :slight_smile:

That’s sexy. How much are they going to run for? I’d totally get one.

Those things are AWESOME! Is there any way i can get one with a pad response? Or does it only some in flow groove?

Thanks for all the compliements guys- glad you’re liking them =]

wow cool !

you got talent they’re incredible !

how does it look like spinnig ?? should be great !

=] I’m making 2 more today, I’ll take pictures of all of them spinning when I’ve got the camera out later.

Dude these ones are even sexier than the first ones!!!

wow pretiest yoyo ever wit CLYW best splashes lol

those cosmo are great!

That Dark Blue one is absolutely the coolest one yet! ;D

lol spoke the words right out of my mouth