New Company Name

Hey guys,
So some of you already know from NH or MA states that I’m currently trying to start a yoyo company with my friend Sean (aka Soviet Locust). We were thinking of two names for this possible company and we had a little disagreement on who’s name was better. So we want to let the community decide.

Just call it inertia

The other two r to long

Keep in mind that “inertia in motion” is an oxymoron.


Cheers! 8)

Edit: Oh, between those two… How about Centrifugal Motion? (a.k.a. CM). Just Inertia sounds good too.

Oxymorons are pretty cool if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh, Centrifugal motion sounds good too. Instinct, put that up on the options list


Problem solved. No need to thank me.

We’d be the new YYF. No thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m going to give my honest opinion , I don’t like any of them names. sorry :-\

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What would you suggest?

Just inertia

I like inertia in motion, and people could call it Inertia for short. Like Recreational Revolution, most people shorten it. I think you should be Inertia in Motion, and just say Inertia for short. Everybody wins!

I wrote a review and called your company Inertia in Motion…
Darn it.

I personally like Inertia in Motion.

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I like Centrifugal Motion because it sounds good and can be shortened to CM.

Inertia can’t move… It is the RESISTANCE to motion lol Personally I’ve always thought Circular motion (or revolution or rotation…) would be open to a really cool logo. Totally off topic, when you decide on a name, I’d be happy to mess with some logos for you. I love graphic design and it would keep me occupied. So yeah when you decide hit me up!

That’s the point! Do hippos slither? Do yoyos jam? Are yoyos general? Is throw eternal? Are there square wheels? Are strings toxic? I could go on. Things don’t have to make sense to be catchy! I say give it a chance.

Which is why i didn’t like “Inertia in motion”

“centrifugal inertia” is the force that keeps things spinning

Toyota cafe.

Nuff said.