New Company Name

How about “Spinsational” .

Any takers on “we make awesome yo-yos, and we don’t need no crazy name to move a product”?


Sometimes typface and layout is everything…

Inertial Motion

Potent(ial) Inertia


Inertial Motion sounds cool :slight_smile: could be shortened to IM.

Bump for more suggestions/feedback

Inertia in Motion! You ca shorten it to IM too!

Throw Makers.


However, IM = Innovation Movement :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought Innovation Movement was InnM

Nah thats for their logo, but many refer it as IM

I kinda don’t like either, sorry.

How about…

Elemental Yoyo Designs.

The Theme could be based off the periodic table, and fonts are in periodic table format. Yoyos could be named after chemical compounds and the like. I have name ideas already.

EYYD (elemental Yoyo designs):

You could even use Inertia as a name!

I feel it’s smart, catchy, and the possibilities with the theme are endless.

We’re looking to avoid having “yoyo” or “yoyo works” in our name, because that’s been done a thousand times. And we don’t necessarily want a theme that forces us to name our yoyos in certain ways.



What about something like “Imaginative Skills”? Or something along those lines… Something about imagination and skill…

We’re not looking for new suggestions, we want feedback on the ones selected. Thanks.

Hippos can slither, in my mind. YOYOS TOTALLY JAM. Square wheels would hurt like crap but could be done. Strings wouldn’t be to good going through your digestive system.

Inertia AND motion? 0_0