Evolution of Revolution

(Trickster) #1

I am starting a company but everything is in the works all i know is it will be something different and i will make well liked yoyos (hopefully ;D). The company will have a spirit of adventure behind it if you know what i mean, kinda like CLYW. Also post any different names/colorways/tips in the comments. THANK YOU ALL!!!


How about just plain ‘Discovery’?


(⛷) #3

We need a company named “The Best Yoyo.” That way when people ask, “What’s the best yoyo?” we wouldnt have to say it’s preference. You should add that to the poll :wink: .


evorev by far.


Retro designs


Revolution of Evolution makes more sense than Evolution of Revolution to me. An evolution is a small, almost insignificant change. By saying you’re the evolution of revolution, you’re sort of implying that you’re taking a baby step forward among a major shift in yoyoing.

If you were the Revolution of Evolution, then you’re totally changing the game. Yoyoing in general is evolving, but you’re revolutionizing that process.

(Trickster) #7

the reason i chose evolution of revolution over revolution of evolution is that if revolution of evolution is taken out of context it kinda sound like a political/religious view rather than a yoyo company name.




Ridge Yoyos. Or Evergreen Yoyos. Idk really…I would make up a name yourself. Maybe Chisel Yoyos…idk why… I just sorts like the name.


revolution of evolution by far. i agree with stookie!


i think he means that revolution means the revolution part to be more like the yoyo revolving not an actual revolution. so it the evolution of revolution, in other words evolution of the yoyo

(Owen) #12

Pirate yoyos?
Or, Pirates Loot Yoyo Design?
PLYYD looks good to mee.

That’s kinda adventurous.

Or maybe, Milky Way Yoyos
Also looks pretty good.

Also, trying to make it sound adventurous

Moon Crater Yoyos

Still trying to be adventurous.

Like any of them?

I somehow doubt you do :stuck_out_tongue:

(Trickster) #13

Oh no i love those ideas.




Most definitely “High Seas”.

Your model names could all be nautical themed. :wink:

Here are some ideas…

High Seas Dinghy
High Seas SkipJack
High Seas Outrigger

You could incorporate an anchor or a sail or a wave of some sort into your logo.


How about
Dark matter yoyos DMY for short
Zombie puppeteer yoyos abreviation is ZPY
Yeah I have no Idea but these are ideas


I personally dislike names that have the word “yoyo” or “design” in it. We’ve all seen it before. We know you make yoyos. I think having an original brand name is something very hard to make, but it’s worth the effort to make yourself stand out.


exactly. Please nothing that starts with “yo”.

(Trickster) #19

thats why i like EvoRev so much I also like Crucial and RecRevs name


That’s why i feel like EvoRev is kind of a ripoff of RecRev’s name.