New Chinese high-end yoyo: 7 companies collab, Ti&7075 rings.. Thoughts?

Note: The yoyo hasn’t been formally released (or even have a picture, although it should come within a week), and I put it here just because it sounds interesting (since I haven’t seen the actual yoyo either). However, if it’s in the wrong section, I’m totally OK with having it moved to the General Discussion section, or have parts of it deleted if it sounds anywhere promotional :slight_smile:

This is the original thread I saw from the Chinese yoyo forum, and rough translations are the following:

MKYoYo X EternalYoYo X Kuyos X YoYoEmpire X ShuangHuanYoYo X PerfectYoYoDesign X DreamYo (Mmmmm, actually it is 7, glad I didn’t fail maths :stuck_out_tongue: ) collaborated, first yoyo is about to be released.
Carbon fibre body with dual weight rings (Titanium alloy & 7075 respectively), the weight of the rings are more than the rest combined, giving the yoyo a stable feel.
This yoyo is designed to have an advantage in doing finger-spinning tricks.
Price is 814RMB (approx. 133USD or 13K JPY according to today’s exchange rate)

Wondering how do you guys like it?

Here are some extra info:

*. MK yoyo team has nothing to do with our former champ Marcus Koh, it’s just named that way;
**. Kuyos is owned by Chen Jia Lin (which has been separated from KYS), and they have just released a new throw featuring new bumping section called ‘kuyogod’(or ‘kuyosgod’) before a week’s time;
***. Dream Yo was known in China for producing good yoyos and NOT doing any promoting at the same time. Haven’t heard about this company for at least 2 years;
****. YoYoEmpire do still release their new designs, but they don’t seem to promote much either. However, they are also well-known in China with manufacturing other companies’ product, e.g. TopYo and even a (few) Japanese high-end brand(s);

Sounds fascinating, Id probably get one at that price for the novelty of a carbon fibre yoyo. Seems really clever actually - you always hear about high-end cars using carbon fibre instead of aluminum because it’s lighter.

*****. I didn’t know EternalYoYo until I did my research after seeing the original thread, and now I still don’t know that “Perfect YoYo Design” :stuck_out_tongue:

When the picture or stats are available, I’ll post it up here so you guys could have a look :smiley:

that would be off the hook man! sooo excited for what all these great companies have to offer!