New champions 888

Does anybody know if the new champions 888 is made to the same specs as the original 07 888?

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No. It’s slightly different according to this review.


From Ben


When someone told me they had to match halves for the 888, I thought they meant for minimal vibe

not LITERALLY making sure the halves were as close as possible lmao :skull_and_crossbones: that’s crazy


They didn’t compare to an 07 though. Just a classic which was different. They didn’t even get the year made correct.

The new 888 literally looks like the removed the rims on the legendary and called it a day.

This is coming from a guy who owns every single variant of the 888, all years, both bearing types


Could you take a shot of the internal hubs?

I’ve been looking at pictures and wondering if it’s because of them using a standard pad size but the wall does seem bigger

This is the 07 I was comparing to

Wondering if the blast in the new version is causing it to look this way as well


Yeah I will for sure


I mean, the legendary 888 is based off the 2007, as is this one. It should be very similar.


Hi! Im actually the guy who made the video haha. Yes, I only have an 888 Classic currently so it’s not the original 07. The 07 has various shapes so I mentioned the classic shape that was modeled after a shape without any wall or step is my personal favorite, it’s also 64g! Im curious what year model did I mention was incorrect?

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“classic” 888 you have came out in 2011 with the closed off posts

Interesting. I know they have the classic in 2011 also, ive seen it with the splash pattern. Though in almost every post ive seen with these and previous ones for sale people said they were a 2009 classic release. I think yoyoexpert might have removed the post/blog but I swear there was one in 2009 when they posted about these and said there were about 30 left in stock at the time of the post. Maybe Ben can confirm what year these were made.

Edit: The original YYE post was removed but there’s still a post back in 2009 during its release:

This post was for the original classic 888 which later became the 888x

Editing this:

I stand corrected. Looked at the post and they mention the blind post. I could have sworn these were part of the 888.11 release.

There was a classic aqua as well but this is different.

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The link itself yes as it was the main 888 product page, but the link that the post was referring to at the time was when they released the 09 classic ocho8ocho. The same YYE post that i was talking about when they posted about it in 2009 which they have removed unfortunately. They were even referring to the Paul Kerbel’s signature 888 classic model.