New Breed or Trigger

Hey guys, I just want to know what do you think about these yoyos.
My few decision factors :

  • Full size
  • Not too heavy, a bit floaty
  • Can do horizontal
  • Doesn’t crack in the cold
  • Not a full metal yoyo
  • Price

Thanks :slight_smile:

Guys I need help for deciding please :confused:

I know nothing of the new breed… the Trigger on the other hand is sweet… the weight is incredible, spin time phenomenal, and it simply plays like a dream… if you played with your eyes closed you’d think you had a metal on your string (yes, I know that it has metal in it, thus it’s technically a hybrid). Since I was given mine (about 3 weeks ago) I play it nonstop. Once it officially hits the stores it will be the best plastic in both play and money, period.

I’m not really a big YYJ fan - but this toss has put YYF and all others [plastic manufacturers] on notice… the 1-2 punch is The Classic (with a little tweaking) - YYJ is really nailing it!

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Does it have a small vibe ? And I want to know if it uses the new YYJ Speed bearing and solid spin axle system