New Breed inquiry

Hi everybody, does anyone know if new breed has inner thumb grinding lids and flat rims for easy snap starts like Dark Magic?

Yes, the Dark Magic will work better for Thumb Grinds and Snap Starts but both are possible with the
New Breed.

The New Breed has more of a thinner, curved, rim inside. Yes, it does grind, but the Dark Magic has that wide lip for more stability. Snap Starts work with any yoyo. The Dark Magic has a better Snap Start because of the shape and where the rims flatten out. The New Breed is intended to have more of a rounder feel.

Andre made a mistake. The New Breeds are supposed to be black and red. He put black and ORANGE.

Get the New Breed. Its AMAZING.

You should put this in the “yoyoexpert site improvements” section.

It’s all preference, my friend.

It is actually orange. I highly doubt that several sites make the same ‘mistake’. YYJ probably states it as orange themselves.

They were supposed to be “red” - they look more orange then they actually do red…
Its a toss up - some people would call it orange - some people would call it red - its more of an reddish orange…

Hey Andre, I saw on that the New Breed was green and purple. ???

Probably protos.

Yeah, i really wanted a purple one :frowning:

… I solved the debate by purchasing the black one.

and yes… it thumb grinds like a beast… You dont even need the inner ring… I grind mine with the caps still on…