new breed

please tell me if the new breed is good or not
i am probably going to get that
i just want to know if its a good yoyo and with a stock bearing does it have good spin times with THIN oil?

please reply
p.s do you think black with a purple string would look good?
or orange but i like black
reply saying black or orange and what coloured string please

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You could have just posted this in your other thread:

Anyways, it will obviously depend on your personal preference, but yes, the New Breed is good. It will come unresponsive stock, so you do not need to put thin lube on it. However, you need to know that spin time does not mean anything and most any yo-yo will be able to spin long enough for you.

I would probably choose orange because black probably won’t show up as well in videos and such. Also, you probably want a bright colored string, such as yellow, for more visibility.

I went with a black New Breed, and blue String.

YES!!! The New Breed is AMAZING!!! I like the protos better.

It’s all preferance. My opinion is that it is too big and has a too full shape. If it was small I would probalbly like it more. :wink:

hi what is protos
sorry i dont really know lol

Prototypes. Like test runs.

Thats what she said! :stuck_out_tongue: