New Bi metal reccomendations

Hey all!!!
I haven’t really yoyoed in a few months, but sold off a lot of my collection. I really like clyw yoyos, and im looking for a new bi metal. However, my real question is if it is necessary to spend $165 on a good bi metal or is there a yoyo similar to the blizzard or igloo that is cheaper. Or is there just a better bi metal overall??
Thanks all,

There are other bi-metals that are above and below $165… If you really like CLYW, I would recommend getting one :slight_smile:
Both the Blizzard and Igloo are really awesome. CLYW is making doing another Blizzard run soon (they have a blue and green fade which looks awesome!) so I would wait if you want the Blizzard. The Blizzard is really powerful, very solid and stable. The Igloo is very light on the string and super duper smooth, floaty too!

There are tons of bimetals under that price point that would be great! If I remember correctly though, you were a Zach Gormley fan boy, so I would go with a clyw :wink:

I’m getting an SDYY Sensei when it drops (they said later this week a few days ago, so the announcement should be very soon.)

:smiley: ;D ;D