New Bearing/ String And Spacers- Having issues

I currently have a yoyofactory shutter and i recently blew out the stock spacers for it. So i took this time to get new string, new CT bearing. And new spacers. I got candy wire string. yoyo factory 19mm spacers. And a spec center track bearing. I find that the bearing is not sitting well in the shutter. And it seems to get caught every so often. Causing it to seeze up and then spin it. Sometimes it will spin fine. But its pretty responsive. But i think its because of the new spacers. But im pretty confident its a problem with the bearing. When i spin it by myself with it on the axel. it spins but it seems to get caught . Now the bearing came fine it seemed. But when you shake it you can here the balls moving around. IDK if this is normal. PLZ HELP! :smiley:

thanks dudes and gals.

The Shutter doesn’t use spacers, so the problem might not be 100% clear.

If the bearing is a CTX, it comes factory lubed with too much lube. Some people luck out and break it in within a few hours, but I’ve heard reports of up to 2 weeks!!! I ain’t got time for that so I plan to clean any more CTX bearings that I get.

If it doesn’t seem to be sitting right… it might not be. Make sure it’s on the bearing seat in a very straight/aligned way, and make sure you screw the yoyo together carefully without cross-threading. As the halves pull together, the bearing should also be pulled into alignment. Any damage around the bearing seat?

Main thing is to figure out what you mean by spacers… next, inspect for damage and make sure it’s not screwed-together crooked… then maybe try cleaning the bearing.

Spacers idk why i say that the friction pads. little white things.
seens to be sitting right. my other bearing works fine. axel looks straight. so strange.
idk what to do.

If your other bearing works fine, then you know it’s the bearing. :wink:

Deshield and clean it. Put it back in with NO lube. See if it works then.

If you must lube it (not everyone does), use only a tiny amount. Lube makes your bearing have MORE response, not less.

Okay. So ive been using it some more and finding something must be catching when it sits in the seat. When i throw it down i can here it spinning then it seems to catch and then continue and catch. When i break away almost every through psins out bc the bearing isnt spinning

Im so certain its broken.

But the other bearing works, yes?

So it is indeed the CT bearing that’s at fault… but it may not be “broken”, there might just be grit in it. Deshield it. If it’s totally broken you might see right away. “Yup, the cage is messed up and this ball is out of place”. If you have a delicate touch you might even be able to fix it, but I personally probably wouldn’t bother.

But if there’s nothing visible, it might still be just a candidate for cleaning.

I stabbed it and threw it away. xD any good ideas for a good size c bearing?

Dif-E-Yo KK bearing never steered me wrong. For less money, there’s nothing wrong with a YYJ Speed Bearing.

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