New-age YYJ vibe?

Okay, now I’m a HUGE fan of the Atmosphere. If any of you knew me before I jumped into metals, I owned 2 of them - white and black.

Well, my friend got a red one for his birthday along w/ his new Battosai, and, of course, I HAD to throw it.

It had VIBE. Like, C-grade vibe.

Is that normal now? Or am I just used to metals? I wasn’t too impressed. And I know that YYJ has throws with alot less vibe, i.e., my 2 old Atmospheres. I mean, it was as bad as my atmosphere that I performed surgery on. And it’s uneven.

I don’t know what to think. Anyone else had this problem? I just think it’s wierd.

yeah, you are too used to metals a bit. now, plastics like dark magic and all other yj bi-metals have pretty much b-c grade vibe. protostar and northstar, unless you tighten the gap to TIGHTEST, there will be vibe like lots.