New 2a champ?

After so many years, it looks like Shinji might have met his match. I can’t wait to see how this plays out at Worlds.

what that dude needs is some lite up yoyos :D! that would be so cool! ;D

Now that was officially the best 2a performance ive evar seen :smiley:

wow, and it was practicaly flawless too…


that would look sick

Shinji is not going to worlds though. :’(

If Shinji did go to worlds, then he would have a extremely fierce competition with this guy. :slight_smile:

shinji is the best yoyoer of our time… if he did go to worlds he would win again no matter who is against him, he is amazing

Maybe shinji is not going to worlds ,look at and go to ann interview

YOMEGA sponsors japan contest but not american contests. Wierd.

Yah ur right if he does better than this in the World he would be the champ.
The Current champ is been champ for to long time to change

wow this is pretty cool and fast.

Yasushi really stepped up his game this year. :o