Shinjii Saito is a BEAST.

He does 1a. Good.

And he’s good at 2a as well.

Awesome. :o

He should just stick to 2a so people have a chance at winning the 1a division :smiley: otherwise he would dominate there too

4A too

lol this guy is beast.

will he be at worlds?

Yes he will of course. He’s like an 11x world champion.

Ben from yoyofactory said hes not going this year.

Wow I never even knew he played 1a. Shows how underrated he is.

He’s actually 11x world champion in 2A.

Yeah, being generally regarded as the single greatest competitive yoyoer of all time is shorting him of so much well-deserved recognition.


I meant for his 1a.

i never knew that he played 1a he is awesome!!!

…which he’s used to win four consecutive years’ worth of the combined division…

shinji isnt going to worlds

yeah, i know… i knew he was skill with 2A, but no idea bout the 1A and 4A